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National Youth Day: Time to have a drug-free generation

by commuadmin

The Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day was set aside to celebrate the late former president, while also commemorating the youths for the role they play in nation-building, development, and their socio-economic contributions.

This year’s theme is running under the theme, “Alleviating substance and drug abuse by the youth.”

Indeed, it is sad to note that the country has lost many youths to substances and euphoric drugs such as crystal meth.

The event will be celebrated at Robert Mugabe Square where the President, Emmerson Mnangagwa is launching the National Anti-Drug and Substance Abuse Campaign.

Exacerbated by the Covid-19 era, drug abuse has been rampant amongst the youths, statistics from the police show that drug dealing(selling) is also a lucrative business for some, mostly the youths.

Rehabilitation efforts seem to be hitting the brick wall as young people are easily relapsing into their old substance use behavior.

Several reasons have been raised as the cause of high drug penetration including unemployment, lack of opportunities, poverty, and desperation.

Having a National Anti-Drug and Substance Abuse Campaign without addressing the root problems is a scenario where the late Dr. Mtukudzi sang “Ongorora chikonzero chaita musoro uteme.”

The revival of the economy, employment creation, revival of recreational parks, and poverty reduction must form the backbone of any anti-drug campaign in Zimbabwe.

As we celebrate National Youth Day, it is also incumbent upon the youth to address some of the problems affecting them.

Active citizen participation, registration to vote, and participation in the policymaking process will enable young people to advocate for the change they so desire.

The government must create a conducive environment for the youths to flourish with political and economic independence.

It is important to note that close to 70% of the Zimbabwean population are youths and the country cannot afford to ignore such a constituency.

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