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Mvuma residents to petition council over tariff increase on graves

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Evidence Chipadza

MVUMA residents are set to petition Chirumhanzu Rural District Council (RDC) over an increase of graveyard tariffs from US$20  to US$100

MVRA Director Sitshengisiwe Kalenge said there was no consultation made when these tariffs were effected.

“This is not fair on the residents at all since we were not engaged. We want to petition the council because 100 USD is too much,” said Kalenge.

On another note, residents have opted to bury their relatives in their rural homes if the local authority does not reverse this with Brighton Mugova saying that the amount was not reasonable at all.

“This is a genuine cry by the people, 100 USD for a grave is too much. It is better to bury our relatives in the village, “said Mugova.

“All along we have been quiet why do they treat us like fools. Those graveyards are not worth that money. There is no maintenance, we are going to take action and we will demonstrate,” added Rebecca Mutara.

On the council finance minutes dated 17 and 23 March 2022, the section on burial fees says “The committee was told the council had received several complaints about burial fees. It was explained that the residents complained that the figure had been raised exorbitantly from US$20 to US$100.The committee said the reason why it was charging that much is residents complained that they wanted the cemetery to be durawalled, construction of toilets, and also tap water.

Meanwhile, Chirumhanzu RDC administration only identified as Tsoka said the budget was approved though people are resisting.


“People tend to make allegations most of the time. This budget was approved and we also engaged the residents,” said Tsoka.

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