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Mvuma man kills wife for USD5k reward

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MVUMA: In a rather disturbing incidence, a Mvuma man has since been arrested for murdering his wife with the intention of selling her body parts to clients who wanted to use them for ritual purposes.

Circumstances are that Rameck Batirai (39) had been offered US$5000 by Tongai Hotera (37) and Innocent Munemo (39) if he would provide a human tongue and breasts, an idea that possibly led to the trio hatching a plan to murder Batirai’s wife, Regina Khumbula (35).

“Regina left home around 1700 hours with Batirai as she took him halfway on his way to work for which she never returned home. An informant, Christopher Mayingehama who was using a footpath to town heard a baby crying in the bush and discovered that the infant was lying beside her mother in a pool of blood.

“The informant rushed to a nearby homestead where he took five other people to the scene only to find the baby though the body was no longer at exactly where he had seen it. Using the help of the five others, they later found the body about 50 meters away from the original spot,” CommuTalk is told.

CommuTalk is also told that as the informants notified the police, they arrested Batirai who testified to killing his wife in exchange for a US$5000 reward.

“The informants proceeded to notify the police on what they had witnessed. The police went on to arrest Batirai as he was the last person to have been seen with his wife. Batirai testified that he had murdered his wife implicating that Hotera and Munemo had promised a US$5000 reward for providing the tongue and breasts that they allegedly intended to use for ritual purposes.

“Batirai further testified that they were disturbed by informant before they could extract the body parts. The baby in question is one year four months old and is currently housed at Mvuma General Hospital,” CommuTalk is further told.

The case is being investigated under ZRP Mvuma RRB number 4865294 which says the deceased’s next of kin Heaven Khumbula has been advised.

Midlands Police liaison office however said they are looking into the issue so that they can issue further detail.

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