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Mkoba deaths not typhoid related: GCC

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By Johannes Chin’ombe

GWERU – The City of Gweru has cleared air over suspected typhoid scare that claimed two people in Mkoba last month.

City of Gweru Public Relations Officer, Vimbai Chingwaramusee confirmed that results drawn from samples linked to the deaths showed that the deaths were as a result of acute dysentery. “Results are out and the recorded deaths were not because of typhoid as feared. The deaths were as a result of acute dysentery,” confirmed Chingwaramusee.

Chingwaramusee also dismissed cross contamination suspicions that had been noted as supposed root to the deaths. “The deaths are in no way linked to cross contamination. However, there was a burst sewer in the area which council dealt with immediately upon notification. Sewer bursts are a health hazard, as such we treat them as an emergency,” she added.

“Council through its rapid response team also educated people about water hygiene and cleanliness to avoid diarrhea. In 2019, council trained 100 health ward trainers for peer training to ensure cleanliness and hygiene,” she further said.

All sentiments come amid acute water shortages due to power outages according to council communiques.

Acute dysentery is an inflammation of the intestine characterized by the frequent passage of feces with blood and mucus.

Like cholera, it is spread by fecal contamination of food and water, usually in impoverished areas with poor sanitation a development that still haunts council as residents have questioned the local authority’s seriousness in addressing sanitation issues in and around the city.

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