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Like a swine in a twine, dictators shall fall

by commuadmin

Welcome aboard flight Soda Zhemu ladies and gentlemen. More load shedding and underhand deals should be expected while no complaints would be tolerated. Make sure you fasten your sit belts and read emergency kick out instructions carefully as crushing is definite. Landing time was tipped for 2023 but we are expecting emergency landing if successful, enjoy your flight ladies and gentlemen.

I just wrote but honestly I don’t understand the language above as I have never flew in a proper plane outside the liberation war choppers! So because I can’t translate the message being communicated, I will go straight into the business of the day.

This week I couldn’t help but peep into events that unfolded in Mali Comrades. A ‘soft coup’ this time qualified as a ‘real coup’ by the African Union (AU). It is only the Mali crisis that I have heard the speaking against a ‘system’ though and am equally shocked.

On the other hand ECOWAS is mounting pressure by proposing sanctions against Mali. What shocks me more is that they are taking this on a military front that had promised a civilian government takes over.

So tell me maComrades! How was the Zimbabwean situation different to that of Mali? Even the human rights situation today, how have they dealt with it? Maybe I am rushing to conclusions but I think yesteryear’s sentiments on AU by Julias Malema were right that is a bunch of thieves meant to protect their possessions.

Belarus also stood against dictatorship Comrades as they made a record breaking protest attendance. Yes, am talking of the horse eating chaps who would help Ngwena spread his Zimbabwe is open for business mantra through coached television interviews at ZITF.

The same old sickness of forgetting salutations still strikes me Comrades and is mainly driven by anger. Anyway, revolutionary greetings to you all fellow Comrades and because I am incapacitated, I spare the few donations that are thrown by the good Samaritans in my begging plate to reach out to you once a week.

That’s is the sole reason that I never waste time beating about the bush because I don’t want to put to waste kind donations as is the case with how government is handling tax payers’ money. Moreso, as much as lying is anti-developmental, I can’t risk the act since it is my totem because the time I try to lie ndinoora mazino.

Joining others after a week is quite hard because a lot would have transpired comrades but my word today is as other dictators are falling, many of them will continue to fall since nothing is permanent.

Like a swine on a twine, they shall cry and whirl but no one would here their cry. Surely a hunter will never listen to his or her prey’s cry lest he or she dies of hunger.

Before I go any further, who else also an advert that there is job post at state house Comrades. Hanzi after employing one candidate in 2018 the people who are in this case the employers have since announced the post vacant after the applicant failed to perform.

If it’s true tell me in time Comrades ndingonokandawo kaCV kangu. Maybe I will get employment since I have never gotten a formal job since independence. I am also hoping the call for applications is not a hoax because I really need a job Comrades.

If I take an influential post maybe I will be able to influence towards the freedom of my modern day freedom fighters; Hopwell Chin’ono, Jacob Ngarivhume and young Godfery Kurauone. My heart is with you Comrades so is the nation and world at large.

Ko shura regore riya! Am told VP Mohadi failed to commission the Gweru General Hospital isolation and treatment yard because his plane failed to land. So these guys need a plane to travel from Harare? I am equally shocked!

That’s why roads never get upgraded mhani. Manje musiki haadhakwi. While we face pothole challenges; he punishes the oppressors with bad weather. Draw-draw six lo nine, all roads aren’t trafficable kkk.

I however feel pity for cooperates who would have folked out money to make such events possible as plenty food that had been served for the day was fed to the police and army instead of the struggling masses. What’s the relevance for commissioning though…

I have also realised through the week that it’s all lovey dovey when Zanu PF takes its politics to the church but when the church speaks on political factors affecting people, Zanu PF cries foul and vents all sorts of insults and threats. Kkk, zvimwe muti munotamba vakomana!

Back to Midlands, kwedu kwatinotongera nyika, am told the Minister July Moyo has instructed the Gweru Mayor to write a ‘motivational letter’ on why he should not suspend him. If his worship had the guts I would like to write that one letter for him. Yes, you have guessed right, I would spit venom.

Am told his crime is that of purchasing an undervalued stand. Isn’t he better than those that take land and not pay anything to the service provider? I will also send vanamujibha this week to look into the allegations lest they are all fabricated to throw him out for being big headed.

Yes, if you fight corruption in Zimbabwe you are no friend but foe. They like personalities like Maboke of Masvingo who just mind shabeen business. That’s why Chingwadza at one point had the guts to bring party chefs to scare off councilors ahead of his suspension. Service delivery is surely a secondary issue!

I think this country yakuda kuti Mbuya Ndunge vapindire. She really proved a point paKuwadzana apo kuti tsotso dzinodzikamisa vekuda kungwara nhema kkk. Varume vakuru vakatiza nyuchi kunge vanongedzerwa pfuti!

I always feel like writing more and more but Comrades, sometimes I also feel like stopping lest I will be accused of yep-yep. But as I said, like a swine on a twine, dictators shall soon fall. Simple!

Till next time folks, listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours.

Off to the Officer’s Mess kwatomwa hunotonhorera supported by macimbi, pork bones and sadza.

Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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