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Kwekwe’s quadruplets couple speak

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GWERU: The birth of a child is every couple’s dream and as the scriptures say, a child is a blessing from God.

Some couples go far and wide in search of a child as they seek divine intervention, while others get duped, all in a bid to cuddle a child of their own.

Others go to the extent of adopting while stories of those who steal other people’s children have hit headlines in apparent desperation to save their marriages.

The script is, however different for a Kwekwe couple after the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) officers got more than what they bargained for.

“All this time the scan was indicating that I was carrying triplets. The shock came at birth but when they told me I have quadruplets, I was overjoyed. This is a miracle and since my husband was born alone I am happy I have given him more in his clan,” Patience Muchineripi, mother to the children said.

However, for the couple that was initially expecting triplets due to the misjudgement of the scan report, taking care of the quadruplets has not been easy.

“It’s been hard but we put everything in the hands of God. Children are always a gift and I believe we will overcome,” the father, Anesu Mukotodzi also said.

True to a Shona idiom which insinuates that a child is born for the whole village, the ZPCS through the Phakamani- Simukai Group has led the way in landing a helping hand to the couple.

“These children are the future leaders of this nation.  The President is on record that nyika inovakwa nevenevayo. These are the people who will make this country great in future. We are also taking a leaf from First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa’s philanthropic works,” Marian Chikobvu, ZPCS Phakami-Simukai Group Chairperson told CommuTalk.

The quadruplets’ mother, who only gave birth on Wednesday last week, is not wasting time fending for her family as she is already carrying out some household and gardening chores with ease.

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