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Kwekwe woman dies in bathroom electrocution

by commuadmin

Tendai Gumbo

KWEKWE: In a sad development the happened in Kwekwe, a 21-year-old woman, Tinashe Nyika died of electrocution while intending to bath.

Police have since confirmed the incidence where the now deceased is said to have entered the bathroom with the intention to bath and got struck by an electrical shock upon touching the tap.

“It is alleged that the now deceased entered the bathroom intending to take a bath and was electrocuted after she touched the water tape. She screamed for help and was attended by her father Joshua Nyika who found her lying unconscious.  Joshua ferried her to Kwekwe Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival,” says a police communique in possession of CommuTalk.

“It was established that there was an electrical faulty where Live electricity cables were in contact with water pipes,” the communique further reads.

Research however has it that though it is uncommon, death due to electrical injury is a public health problem.

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