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Gweru artists in major endorsement

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GWERU: At least twenty artists from the city of Gweru are set to exhibit their artworks at the Bulawayo art gallery in a major breakthrough that could have a positive development in their careers through an exchange program being facilitated by the government.

The artists from the city of progress are currently in the process of showcasing their abstract and figurative art forms at Gweru Museum as they battle it out for the final selection.

The different art forms speak to lived realities with sketches like Mbuyanehanda and some footsteps signifying her famous quotation of ‘Mapfupa angu achamuka’.

The artists have different stories to tell through their artworks and say they hope the historical event to showcase their artworks in Bulawayo will give them a platform to reach out to the world.

“I have been an artist since 2013. A lot of people don’t understand my line of work. It’s actually in the blood. I can’t wait to finally show the international community my works of art. The Bulawayo arts gallery is huge and will give me the much-needed exposure,” one artist said.

“This is a massive breakthrough in my career. I can’t wait to be in Bulawayo and show what we can do as Gweru artists. The Lord is indeed great and I believe I will never be the same after getting the opportunity. We really thank the sponsors for coming up with the idea,” added another exhibiting artist.

The government says it has a deliberate effort in supporting all forms of art in line with the country’s economic blueprint of the National Development Strategy 1.

“Art like any other profession is critical in the development trajectory of the country. The innovation by the young people here cannot go unnoticed. It is the wish of the second republic to give every one of you the much-needed room to spread your wings in the best way possible. We urge you to go and make Gweru proud through this opportunity which has been granted to you,” said Gweru District Development Coordinator (DCC), Joram Chimedza.

The Bulawayo art gallery is in partnership with several international art institutions and therefore gives artists the needed platform to exchange ideas and market their products to the rest of the world.

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