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Gweru advocate composes COVID-19 song

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Evidence Chipadza

GWERU: A renowned Gweru Legal Practioner Wellington Tinashe Davira(38) also known in the Jazz circles as Poshi Davira has composed a coronavirus song intending to concertize citizens of the deadly pandemic.
Davira is a legal practitioner by profession who works at Gundu Dube and Pamacheche Legal Practitioners.
Poshi started singing at a tender age, before his primary school.
In an interview with Poshi, he said the motive of the song was to remind people of safety precautions in the COVID 19 pandemic.
“COVID 19 is real and people are so reluctant, we lost many relatives due to this pandemic and it’s not yet over let’s mask up, sanitize, and also social distancing,” said Poshi.
In his song, Poshi highlights the symptoms of COVID-19 and also self-quarantine when one has the symptoms.
The virus was first discovered in Wuhan China, late in 2019, and on January 30 2020 World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency.
Recently another new variant Omicron virus was discovered and has already registered its presence in Zimbabwe.
As of the 4th of December, Zimbabwe recorded 1 082 new COVID-19 positive cases and 2 876 0056 citizens had been fully vaccinated.

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