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Guns versus the economy: Who is the real HULK?

by commuadmin

Today I will start by taking a moment of silence in honor of the 27 June 2008 victims. Rest in peace Comrades and thank God to those who managed to recuperate though am sure many of them are still suffering psychological wounds. The sad part is also that the current government won’t remember such atrocities because their hand was visible in the sad circumstances. Anyway, why worry when Jonathan Moyo has said time is nigh.

Having remembered the 27 June victims, the previous week also had a false start after a Chinese national shot his employees for demanding their dues. Comrade Tichatonga is made to understand that it’s easy for these guys from the East to adopt their all weather friend’s style of  shooting and killing and never be brought to justice. Manje apa haaa gava rakadambura musungo but alas this guy should also have known the gun is not the answer to financial disputes. Zvinongoda transparency and accountability izvi. Period!

Of all characters the one who really shocked me after the Gweru shoot out incident was Matemadanda. Yes; I mean wedu uyu mujibha! The way he voiced about George Floyd’s death in America and the way he is so mum about an inhuman incident back home is shocking. Pamwe tinotozofunga kuti iye neAmerica varumudzani because grudge match yacho ka, mmm,  zvakaoma.

The incidence however reflects a lot about what’s happening in Zimbabwe and what government ought to do. When people demonstrate seeking better living conditions, don’t point the gun on them neither do you refrain them from demonstrating. Let alone it’s their democratic right to do so. More directly I would ask, have intimidation through the gun achieved the much needed economic turn-around? I suppose we all know the answer.

Listen to them and reach a compromise to their needs nyika yofambira mberi. What the government does by threatening people further destroying the nation. Doctors still go to work but people prefer private clinics; teachers go to class but pupils go for extra lessons. Aren’t these statements enough to tell you something is wrong? Haaa Comrades…

Just this week, a damning statement was sent first by Nick Mangwana on suspension on mobile money transfers which faced a lot of resistance from mobile money networks themselves. Later RBZ yakazouyawo neka statement asi eish, vanhu vanotombori neganda kumeso here ava? Saka vakadaro zvozodii?

I have not heard a thing towards bringing to justice Obadiah Moyo who brought ZWD50 000 cash stashed in box kucourt but they make life miserable for innocent Zimbabweans who are hustling their way to affording a 100 bond loaf of bread. Haaa zvimwe muti munotamba vakomana.

Asi Chamatama wakambozvireva vakaseka when he said, you can rig elections but you can’t rig the economy. May his soul rest in peace! Ko asi Sisi Thoko chii nhai? Inga Nero gave you an option wani gore riya akati endai kuZanu PF munokupirana mufaro nana Ngwena ikoko ko makatyei? Vakuru vanoti chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa. Ndapedza nemi!

Anyway, it should be known that through liberation-war financial literacy we were taught that these mobile money platforms are a whirlwind which no government will stop. Ichi chiporofita chakaitwa kuhondo and I think it holds some truth saka handei tione!

Sadly, I heard naChatunga kuti uyu Mliswa aripowo pane vaya vekubvuta upfumi. Akangoudzwa zvaPaul Westwood ndobva ati zii. Iye Westwood wachowo ndokuisa moto kubva areva kuti mukuru vane nhafu.

So being vocal une uchida kutibata kumeso? Asi chii nhai? How can you grab a functional organization like ukubvuta sweet. Grace wawaida kufumura tomuzva, ko iwe unoda kuviga humbavha?

Do the right thing Comrade, we love your energy and would still want you to have the deserved dignity. If Chatunga and Westwood are lying, give us a traceable account of your involvement in that company takeover, just like Malema did last week when he answered questions to corruption allegations.

‘Before I pen off’ just as you would warn your girlfriend of a near end to a love letter back then, handina kukanganwa wedu weGweru Gibson Chingwadza. Last week I warned him kuti mukoma endai kumba ivo vakaramba vari zii zvavo. Without further ado, ticahasangana pano ndichitaura kuti ndakambozvireva.

I hear you once sued a colleague for pouring out his heart at a funeral who had said Mwari anotora vakanaka achisiya vana Chingwadza kkk. Manga mambomuitireiko murume iyeye? Those words are too big to swallow I tell you and I would understand your bitterness asi munhu haangotauri ndokutaurira.

Regai ndisiyane hangu nedzakaitika ndisipo asi iiii zvakaoma shuwa. Just one question to you mkoma like I noted, I am about to pen off. Ko asi maimbove mufundisi here or maybe you once had intentions to start a church because ruoko rwenyu in alleged corrupt land dealings involving church establishments tarwuona. Zvimwe mune chipo chekuoneswa hameno. Tiudzeiwo!

I am sure it’s time for me to go. Dzamukoma Chingwadza hatingadzipedzi tikadzitanga nhasi and I also want to send vanamujibha vangu to seek replies from him lest he accuses me, a whole Comrade of bias. Word is also coming from my Gokwe based liberators that activity has been hyped in surrounding areas ikoko. Asi Shake-Shake building cocas meetings have identified the district as the second Uzumba-Marambafungwe kani? Hameno, time will tell!

Till next time folks. Listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours.

Off to the Officer’s Mess kwatomwa hunotonhorera supported by macimbi, pork bones and sadza.

Also, for the first time since I started frequenting the outlet the guys have been enjoying music, and continuously one trackplays as the song Goat by Ay Poyoo is constantly echoing. Surely foreign sponsored agents are not only threatening but attacking Van Choga left, right and center!

Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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