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Gold discoveries in Mahindi – a nightmare for villagers

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MBERENGWA – The discovery of gold deposits in Mahindi area, some 60 kilometers south of Zvishavane mining town was received with anticipation of a change in fortunes for villagers.

However, as the news spread across the country, the gold has allegedly lured machete wielding gangs who are reportedly causing all sorts of problems at Budiriro mining syndicate.

Some villagers say, they have not known peace since the arrival of the machete wielding gangs, with others fearing for their properties due to tremors caused mine blasting.

Villagers have also further revealed that the mining syndicate duped them as they have seen no development nor beneficiation as promised on their arrival to the area.

“When they came here, they promised that we were also going to be considered and have a share in the mining operations. But now the place has been infested by these Mabhuru. Where does this leave us,” one villager complained.

“These guys just came with some prospectors’ licenses and claimed that the main is theirs. They then fenced the whole place and now we have been left out. Our children can no longer walk freely as some of the gangs move around waving machetes,” added another villager.

“My child our houses are now cracking as they blast their mine. Surely a mine in the middle of the village like this and yet there is no compensation. How is this even legal? How am I supposed to replace my building if it collapses when I am this old,” further lamented villagers who caught up with this publication.

A follow up to the Ministry of Mines however established that the syndicate might be dubious and the Provincial Mining director, Nelson Munyanduri promised to follow up and do investigations on the supposed illegal activities in the area.

“A prospector’s license alone does not give anyone power to mine without a mining license. This operation will however be investigated,” Munyanduri said.

Efforts to seek comment from the Budiriro mining syndicate directors were fruitless as they refused to entertain questions from the media.

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