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Country develops recycling policy

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GWERU – The nation is in the process of developing a recycling policy that will guide the growth of the recycling sector as it has potential to support livelihoods.

In a speech read on his behalf by the permanent secretary for provincial affairs and devolution during the Midlands Province monthly Presidential clean-up for May in Chiwundura, provincial affairs and devolution minister Larry Mavima said a policy formulation forum had already been held.

“A recyclers forum was recently held in Harare to deliberate on the roadmap of growing the recycling sector and to establish a steering committee that will work on drafting the national recycler’s policy and position paper on incentives to be proposed to government,” he said.

The minister said the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry is also in the process of developing a statutory instrument on waste sorting on site.

The statutory instrument would give guidance on waste storage before disposal to avoid spoilage as well as enabling collection and recovery.

“Waste recycling is a billion-dollar industry that support livelihoods as well as keep the environment clean. Waste recovery enables the establishment of waste vending business supplying various players within the recycling value chain.

“Midlands province produces tonnes of waste products, which can be used to people’s advantage by building and growing businesses out of waste management. Let me take this opportunity to challenge each and every one of us to play their part and take up waste recycling seriously and treat it as a business,” he said.

Mavima also said the Environmental Management Agency has already trained 635 community members from all eight districts in the province on waste recycling as a business.

“There are community-based organisations that collect waste materials and sell to recycling companies. I therefore call upon local authorities to partner with the business community and development agencies in setting up recycling facilities for the benefit of our community members,” he said.

“EMA has also developed a recyclers directory to provide information on contacts and business lines for all recyclers in the country which will be updated every year to cater for new players. Those with a tendency of throwing litter in undesignated sites in residential areas and business centres should desist from the practice,” he added.

Chief Chiwundura applauded the clean-up programme and said traditional leaders were fully behind it and would cascade information on it in communities.

Midlands EMA provincial manager Benson Bhasera said the community should desist from starting fires especially now when the fire season is approaching.

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