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ZCPD to form inclusive government

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GWERU: The Zimbabwe Coalition for Peace and Development (ZCPD) will form an inclusive government if it wins the August 23 Presidential race.

ZCPD president Trust Chikohora, who was speaking during his party’s donation of a wheelchair and food hampers to people with disabilities said ZCPD was about bringing people together.

“People have been polarised for two decades and that has resulted in the country not progressing.

“We believe we will develop as a country if we work together, and so we are advocating for an inclusive government if we win the elections.

“We will bring on board people from various political parties and even those not in politics who can do well for our country,” he said.

Commenting on the current political environment, Chikohora said there was a great improvement on how opposition political parties are treated.

He said the violence and intimidation had subsided but questioned access to state media of opposition political parties.

Chikohora said the response from the campaigns they have been doing has been good and the impact will be evident on 23 August when Zimbabweans go to the poll.

The presidential aspirant said the cornerstone of their campaign is that everyone including people with disabilities should have better lives.

“Everybody should be able to exercise their democratic right to vote and the state and the whole electoral system should enable people with disabilities to vote,” he said.

He said although Zimbabwe has the National Disability Policy, implementation of the policy leaves a lot to be desired.

“People with disabilities are still suffering and a lot of work needs to be done to empower them and improving their lives.

“They should be people with disabilities in decision making positions so that policies that concern them can be shaped according to what they want,” he said.

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