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Tshuma wins ZANU PF ticket for Gokwe-Kabuyuni by-elections

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GOKWE: The Chitekete business centre in Gokwe came to a standstill as ZANU PF supporters sprang into wild celebrations following the victory of popular Kadoma-based businessman, Spencer Tshuma in the revolutionary party’s primary elections for the Gokwe Kabuyuni constituency Sunday evening.

Tshuma romped to victory after defeating three other Contestants in the tight elections which saw over 8600 people casting their votes.

Tshuma’s supporters who braved the chilly evening weather sprang into celebrations as soon as the Presiding officer announced the results at the command centre.

Election presiding officer, Lilian Zemura commended the locals for maintaining a peaceful environment throughout the election process.

“We are very happy that we managed to hold the elections in a very peaceful manner. The results here are a true reflection of the people’s will.

“The results are as follows; Ncube Layton, 220 votes, Nyoni Tapera, 363 votes, Munkuli Manager 3661 votes and  Tshuma Spencer 4335 votes. I, therefore, declare Tshuma Spencer as the winner of these primary elections. I urge all the contestants to start working together for the good of the party,” she said.

Tshuma, a protégé of the late Leonard Chikomba in business circles promised to retain the seat to the revolutionary party through hard work.

“Firstly I would like to thank the ruling party leaders who allowed me to participate in these elections as well as the party supporters who showed confidence in me.

“My task is to make this constituency great and I am ready to ensure that some of the critical issues like road infrastructure and water problems are addressed. These are the things which will make the people vote for the revolutionary party in the upcoming elections and I promise to do my best,” said Tshuma.

One of the contestants in the primary elections, Dr Layton Ncube pledged to work together with the winning candidate for the good of the revolutionary party.

“I am pleased that we were given a chance to represent the party in such crucial elections. However, I want to urge my fellow contestants to be part of the campaign team for our party to win resoundingly in the upcoming elections. As ZANU PF we are guided by the party’s ideology and as such the party is bigger than individuals.”

Dr Ncube’s supporters told CommuTalk that their preferred candidate had a good standing had it not been that a ‘false’ candidates list had been published prior to the elections falsely confirming that Dr Ncube had not been accepted as a contestant.

They feel the media academic was rather “…a victim of fake news.”

Two other contestants were conspicuous about their absence at the command centre during the announcement of the results.

The Gokwe-Kabuyuni by-elections will be held on the 27th of next month.

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