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The failing justice system and a ‘powerless’ country

by commuadmin

Fired minister, Fortune Chasi left his office with the keys to the backup generator of the country?

After many months of stable electricity supply, the distribution company is at it again with rampant load shedding that has taken the citizens by surprise.

One would have hoped that after Chasi was fired because ‘because his conduct of government business had become incompatible with the President’s expectations’ and replaced by one Soda Zhemu, who was to ‘bring quality management skills’, then, of course, we will have progression in that sector.

Alas! Residents are having a well-known experience of sleeping without the bright lights once again.

Speaking of sleeping without the bright lights, the bid to seek the granting of bail to journalist Hopewell Chin’ono also hit a brick wall earlier this week after Magistrate Ngoni Nduna barred renowned human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa from representing him.

Nduna said the action of Mtetwa on a Facebook page which she is not an administrator of, scandalised the check on courts and undermined public confidence in the courts.

However, events leading to this have done more harm in undermining the public’s confidence in the justice system. A week earlier, security forces beleaguered her office while she was representing Chin’ono in court.

A clear disregard and attack on a fundamental constitutionally-protected right to having a representation of your choice.

Maybe the democratic society’s flame is dying as some human rights activists had to endure 15 months with their rights stripped away, only to be released recently because the State failed to find a smoking gun and kept on postponing their date of trial.

They were arrested in May 2019 and were on remand since then on charges of plotting an illegal regime change and subverting a constitutional government.

However, there was no evidence to back up the charges, police had arrested to investigate and it’s a move that shows how far the State is going in the bid to contain its citizens’ freedoms.


Again, lights out !!!

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