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Sen Mavhima relives COVID-19 ‘trauma’

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Thelma Wandayi

GWERU: “COVID-19 exists, it can hit anyone, at any time, no one is immune and it is everywhere” were the words from Minister of State for Midlands Province SenatorLarry Mavhima while sharing his COVID-19 experience.

Mavhima tested positive for COVID-19 in October 2020 and following weeks of self-isolation, he healed from the ailment.

“I survived COVID-19, I beat COVID-19 and that is why I decided to become the Covid-19 ambassador,” he said.

Many people today are afraid to cough or communicate unusual body changes that may see them visit the doctor as they fear the now dreaded ailment. Is it however safe or wrong to keep symptoms to yourself are some of the questions Sen Mavhima answered.

“Most the time when one gets ill, we avoid going to the doctor and we are often not keen to go the medical facilities. I myself was in denial I thought I was just working hard and I needed time off so I dismissed the idea that I could possibly have the corona virus.

“My family began to notice these changes in my health and they became worried. They sat me down and convinced me to get tested. I grudgingly agreed,” Sen Mavhima further said.

Upon getting to the hospital, Sen Mavhima says the doctor thought he was suffering from pneumonia but tests done included that of COVID-19 for which he tested positive for the virus.

Like any human being, he also says he thought he would not make it but at the same time gathered self confidence that he was winner, a mindset he says saved him.

“I had dry coughs, occasionally shorts of breath, body weakness, constant headaches, fever in some instances and I also struggled to walk as I remember getting help to get aboard the vehicle,” are some of the symptoms that Sen Mavhima shared.

He also already had underlying conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Many would want to know however, whether at some point Sen Mavhima turned to use indigenous remedies like zumbani on the road to recovery.

“My doctor prescribed me some medicines that would help clear the pneumonias. I also steamed up (natira), used eucalyptus leaves with oil so I would do this three times a day and I would drink some indigenous concoctions of zumbani and ginger tea while I self-isolate,” he further said.

Sen Mavhima said he showed great signs of recovery after seven days though the doctor requested that he rests another week so as to allow full recovery. He says tests done on 20 November 2020 showed that he was now negative of the virus.

As a COVID-19 ambassador, Sen Mavhima never forgets to advise about safety from contracting the virus.

“COVID -19 is real and people should comply to the set regulations and restrictions. It is for their own safety.

“Government is not punishing anyone but is trying to curb the virus especially under the current second wave of the virus,” advised Sen Mavhima.

Amid reports that senior government officials seek treatment from abroad, Sen Mavhima’s sentiments reflects otherwise.

“I believe the doctors in Zimbabwe have capability to contain the disease,” he said in appreciation.

To date, the COVID-19 caseload in Zimbabwe stands at 33, 388 while fatalities are 1 217.

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