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Persons with disabilities welcome rates payment incentive

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GWERU – Persons with disabilities have welcomed the City of Gweru’s move to award them rates payment incentives.

GCC recently published a notice saying it intends to register all people with disabilities who own residential properties in the city.

The local authority said the registration is for a feasibility study for rates payment incentives.

“The person should submit a letter from social welfare highlighting the need, a certified copy of the title deed as well as a birth certificate.

“The beneficiary should be the principal permanent resident of the property,” the notice said.

While persons with disabilities applauded the move, they felt the requirement of title deeds would result in many failing to meet that requirement.

Young Voices Disability Zimbabwe director Nyasha Mahwende said the initiative was good but the requirements are beyond the reach of people with disabilities.

“The initiative by the council is good but the requirements are too much. Most of us inherited the houses from parents and we do not have title deeds to show that we own the houses,” she said.

Mahwende said some stay with their spouses who might not have the documentation required by the council.

“Some have agreements of sale but no title deeds like those in the homeownership schemes in Mtapa and so the council should look at that requirement,” Mahwende added.

National Council for Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe Gweru chairperson Timothy Mpofu applauded the intention by Gweru to give them incentives.

“It will be a great milestone as most of us are unemployed. Persons with disabilities are a disadvantaged community due to several reasons,” said Mpofu.

According to the notice by GCC, the documents should be submitted to the finance department administrator between 25 February and 15 March this year.

Apart from persons with disabilities, GCC has considered offering incentives to the elderly.

Council recently adopted a US$36 million budget that was approved by their parent ministry.

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