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Mentally challenged Chirumhanzu man mauled by hyenas

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Blessing Nduku

CHIRUMHANZU: A mentally challenged Chirumhanzu man from Holy Cross-Nyika Village under headman Bangure, Albert Sakanai Maseka (87) was recently mauled by hyenas whilst asleep in his hut, CommuTalk has established.

Confirming the sad development, Ward 6 councilor Johannes Kohli under which the incident occurred said it was sad that hyenas had resurfaced four years after the parks department had successfully trapped them from tormenting villagers.

“Maseka was a known mental patient who was attacked mauled by hyenas whilst sleeping in his makeshift hut. Since his wife passed on, Maseka has been satying alone and denied care from well wishers who feared for his safety. He also has no known sibling.

“The development is sad. Evidence shows that hyenas dragged him from his hut to the bush for about 300 meters. His body was found stomach opened and legs missing,” Kohli said.

“Hyenas have always been around and over the years they have been attacking our livestock. A similar incident happened about four years ago but the parks department managed to trap the hyenas away from the village. Since then we had been at peace until this recent incident,” he added.

Parks and Wildlife spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo confirmed through a Facebook post that they were sure it was a hyena attack as tracks were spotted from where Maseka’s body was found.

“Drag marks and hyena tracks were visible. Rangers are on the ground tracking the predators,” wrote Farawo.

“In a related incidence, six beasts have been killed by hyenas in the same area,” Farawo earlier wrote.

A desktop survey by this publication showed that like most predators, hyena attacks on humans are rife and tend to target women, children, and infirm men, though both species can and do attack healthy adult males on occasion.

The spotted hyena is regarded more dangerous of the two species, being larger, more predatory, and more aggressive than the striped hyena.

“Periodically they (hyenas) attack some of the many…who sleep rough on the streets,” once reported the BBC.

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