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Meet Chief Chimuriwo: Inspiring youths through poetry

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Blessing Nduku

GWERU – “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” once wrote Oscar Wilde. Surely, by being archetypal and accepting who he is, Tinashe Chimuriwo dreams of changing perceptions while at the same time conquering procrastinations and doubt in youths through poetry.

“Most of my writings be it poetry or other writings are inspired by the need to educate people and inspire them to do the best they can in their personal lives, in their communities which will add up to benefit theirs countries at large. The messages are however mainly biased towards motivating the youths,” Chimuriwo said.

“I do not know much but the little that I know and understand I feel it is good for me to share,” he added.

Born in Rusape, his poetry journey dates back to when he was still doing his ordinary level and has to date written more than 100 poems.

“I loved poetry since childhood. While doing my 0’ levels, the dream was further kindled seeing how senior poets wrote and recite at school. I have never stopped since then though I wrote particularly for fun during the initial stages,” he said.

“I continued writing poems without any hope of publishing them, until one day in 2014 when I decided to seek assistance from established poets like Tinashe Muchuri, Rabison Shumba and many others who helped getting my work published in a poetry book titled Dzinonyandura.

“It is also after such developments that I rebranded my work to focus on inspiring the youths. We are the custodians of our heritage and should motivate each other in whatsoever way. That’s the only way as well our generation would record successes, inspiring and motivating each other,” explained Chimuriwo.

Chief Chimuriwo’s dream is to see the Midlands Province launch a program that promotes and nurtures talent in the arts industry. He says the dream should also be spread across Zimbabwe lest local talent loses hope on doing what they know best.

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