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Mauchi clears air on death rumor

by commuadmin

CommuTalk Reporter

MASVINGO: Popular Masvingo-based poet Abel Mauchi has cleared the air on circulating social media messages purporting that he has died.

In a video shared to CommuTalk, Mauchi however confirms that he has been unwell and still recovering from home.

“I am alive. There is a rumor circulating on social media that I have passed on is a lie. I haven’t been well and still recovering but that I am dead is false,” Mauchi said.

Mauchi whose satiric poetry addresses socio-economic issues recently sent out a plea for assistance with medical bills and general well-being.

Like many talented and underrated Zimbabwean artists, Mauchi remains without support to produce a well-documented poetry presentation as most of his viral work are non-choreographed freestyle performances.

Following the death of Soul Musaka who was popularly known as Soul Jah Love in the show-biz circles, the Zimbabwean business community has also often been blamed for wanting to bring assistance when artists die, to their advantage through opportunities to advertise, which they barely do when they struggle during their careers.

Mauchi who still needs assistance says he can be reached on +263 785 223003.

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