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Kwekwe City utilize devolution, ZINARA funds on roads rehab

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KWEKWE City Council has embarked on massive roads rehabilitation programme on most of its major roads thanks to devolution funds.

 In an interview, the city’s acting Town Clerk, Dr Lucia Mkhandla said the local authority was using funds from both the devolution and Zinara allocation to upgrade the roads.

“We have embarked on roads rehab programme the exercise is massive, we are using our devolution funds allocations as well as our allocation from Zinara.

 Dr Mkhandla said the local authority was targeting major roads and was also looking forward to completing the road upgrade before the commencement of the rainy season.

“We are racing against time. Our target is to make sure that we spruce up and upgrade all these roads before the onset of the rains. We have realized that every rainy season, our roads develop huge potholes so we want to make sure that before the rains, most of the roads will be in good shape,” she said.

The roads rehabilitation exercise is targeting six roads with a total stretch of about 80km.

“These include Mbizo road, Amaveni road, Kaku road, Railroad and Kaguvi road, they will be all attended to and the roads works have already started,” CommuTalk is informed.

The new Government administration has been prioritising developmental projects with devolution funds changing the face of local authorities with major developmental projects. 

The same administration is, however, criticized for lacking transparency upon implementing devolution projects as no act of parliament is in place yet to stipulate a criterion on how the chunk would and is being availed to beneficiaries.

So far, local authorities in the Midlands province have received a total of 288 million as devolution funds this year alone.


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