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Journalists join frontline workers in getting COVID-19 jab

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KWEKWE: The vaccination roll out in the Midlands province saw the Minister of state for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Senator Larry Mavhima leading the process, with several senior medical personnel in the province also being vaccinated.

In a sign of confidence in their reportage on the vaccine, journalists in the province also took the opportunity to be inoculated.

Government says the Sinopharm vaccine is safe having gone through rigorous scrutiny, and transported to the country under the recommended health conditions.

Health and Child Care Deputy Minister Dr John Mangwiro who got vaccinated last week says he has not had any side effects since getting the jab.

“Look at me after getting vaccinated five days ago. No headaches no stomach pains nothing at all. Let me just emphasize that getting vaccinated will not solve some other ailments like diabetics and others.

“We need to continue taking our medication as the vaccine is only meant for preventing the spread of the virus. The vaccine underwent some serious scrutiny and I made sure that it was transported well since I was part of the team that went to china to ferry it,” he said.

Senator Mavhima, a Covid-19 survivor, says the involvement of the country’s leadership in leading the vaccination process should inspire confidence amongst citizens.

“’We are here to witness that the vaccine is indeed safe. We need to speak positively about the vaccine since it is very safe. The process is meant to protect us and we need to embrace the initiative,” Sen Mavhima said.

Gweru Press Club Chairperson, Tafara Chikumira who also took part in the exercise also encouraged the media to fight misinformation about the vaccine.

“COVID-19 has brought untold suffering world over and the coming of the vaccine is good news. As the media, we however  have a big role in fighting myths and misinformation related to the jab as it is a development in the positive to fighting the pandemic,” further said Chikumira.

Government has set a target to vaccinate 10 million people in order to ensure the country achieves herd immunity.

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