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ICAZ honors Chikohora

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Evidence Chipadza

GWERU based politician and businessman, Trust Chikohora has been honored with a ‘Social Impact Award’ by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ).

Chikohora’s who was a second runner up was honored for various contributions positively attributed to him through the past decades towards the accounting profession.

“…he has contributed to good corporate governance practices in his organisation. Chikohora also served in the ICAZ Council for nine years. He was also the first lecturer of Auditing at the inception of the Midlands State University and helped in the development of the Accounting Degree before serving in the institute’s council for six years.

“…besides serving as Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce chair, Chikohora has contributed to social impact activities that had an impact in public practice or public service as Chairman of Zimbabwe’s National Standards Body, Standards Association of Zimbabwe and helped in the development of standards in Zimbabwe,” acknowledged ICAZ during the online awards ceremony.

Chikohora who is now a politician and a member of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) and chairs the grouping’s Economic Committee told CommuTalk that he was honored to receive the accolade.

“This is an honor I thank God for this award and everybody whom I have met in my life. It gives one more energy to continue working hard. As we go forward towards the future better things can be achieved in the society,” said Chikohora.

Chikohora also took a chance to clear the air about POLAD’s involvement in governance issues saying outside elections, politicians should set aside difference and join hands to build a better Zimbabwe.

“We have political differences but we still have one country. People will judge us based on what we can do for the country. Election comes and goes but as a country we must unite for the development of our country. POLAD says outside politics let us remain united,” he added.

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