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High speed police chase ends in fatality

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GWERU: A high speed police chase has killed a pedestrian in Gweru Friday midmorning with a child rushed to hospital after sustaining some serious injuries.

Sources say the Toyota Fortuner which hit the pedestrians before colliding with a Nissan Navara at the Bogie clock tower in Gweru’s CBD, had been reported stolen in Victoria Falls earlier in the day.

Onlookers say, two of the suspected armed robbers have been arrested in connection with the theft while the driver and another suspect fled the scene.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Midlands spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident and said two suspects identified as Polite Munyariwa (49) and Wellington Malore (42) had been arrested.

The deceased was a 38-year-old female.

Eyewitnesses say the movie style speed chase began at Zuva garage along Bulawayo Road following a shootout incident as they gave a blow-by-blow account of what transpired in the city.

“I just saw a Toyota Fortuner which came to park in front of me here. At the back there was a Honda Esteem where two armed men disembarked one with a small gun and another with a bug gun. The one with a small gun fired two shots at the wheels of the Fortuner which then sped off and it happened in a flash,” said an eye witness, Naume Washaya.

“I was selling my ice-cream here when I suddenly saw that Fortuner speeding. It then hit a woman who was thrown into the air while a child was also hit and rolled three times before he was rushed to the hospital. The car then had a head-on with that Navara before it stopped. Some of the guys then fled while the others were arrested,” added another eye witness, Fungayi Jayaguru.

Cases of armed robberies are on the rise with the law enforcement agents proving to be vigilant judging on the swift reactions to most of such cases in recent months.

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