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Gweru’s youthful author dreams big

by commuadmin

‘Going against the odds,’ just as the title of his book, the one he deems best from his collection of work, Gweru’s youthful writer Isaac Fombe sees a ray of hope in publishing and says his dreams are bigger than one can anticipate.

Having shocked his parents through his grand entrance into writing, Fombe says the world will not only be shocked but influenced and moved by his work.

“When I started writing, my parents thought it was all child play. When I published my first book, God knows how I pulled through, they were shocked. I am not stopping, my work will influence many and the future is bright,” Fombe told CommuTalk.

The young scribe has six inspirational books to his name so far namely, Life is the best coach, How to start a business with a dollar, How to start a business without capital, Going against the odds, How to wave rejections goodbye and Rich, poor graduate.

“Publishing is not an easy task within the digital age. Piracy has actually become a big challenge. Social media has however helped me market my work though remuneration isn’t something one would be proud of considering effort used.

“Publishing on social media has its own short comings I would say. At times main stream publishing remains viable regardless of being a publisher in the information age. Passion and determination however keep me going,” Fombe said.

“Writing inspirational books and seeking appeal from the community, some of them who look down upon you is difficult. I can however confess that regardless of criticism, those who read my work come forward with praises and constructive criticism and that makes me feel relevant,” he added.

Fombe also says his work is influenced by life experiences.

“Growing up, hard work from my parents taught me that nothing is impossible. Many attribute their failure to success through monetary limitations, lack of moral support among many other reasons but my work looks into how one can champion all that,” he further said.

Fombe is also a fourth-year student at Midlands State University studying Agricultural Economics and Development and has a strong history in public speaking.

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