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Gweru wife-killer dies in court cell, supposedly succumbs to apprehension wounds

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GWERU: Leo Kanyimo (38) of Woodlands, Gweru, who was trending for the wrong reasons after killing his wife and two kids in cold blood collapsed and died in a court cell this morning as he was due to go for a hearing at the Gweru Magistrate’s Court.

Sources who spoke to CommuTalk said Kanyimo supposedly succumbed to apprehension wounds.

An inside source told CommuTalk that police who attended the scene have observed that the now deceased had stitched deep cuts in his head, which he sustained as he resisted apprehension by the community.

“He is dead, and police have already attended the scene. Police who attended the scene say Kanyimo had stitched deep cuts in his head that he probably sustained during apprehension,” the source said.

An eye witness to Kanyimo’s arrest, Elton Gobha also confirmed that community members had resorted to hitting him with stones, having realized that he was attacking anyone who tried to get near him.

“The guy was ecstatic, wild and speaking in an unknown dialect. About 12 strong men were overpowered by Kanyimo single-handedly. Community members started attacking him with stones, also to have him release one of his now-deceased kids, who he was holding in his hand.

“It is one soldier who braved up to get even nearer and grabbed from him the wooded hoe he was using to attack people. He also used the weapon to hit him on both knees, which weakened him leading to police managing to apprehend him,” Gobha narrated.

Midlands police spokesperson, Ass Insp Emmanuel Mahoko however said he could not comment on the issue noting that it was being handled at the national office.

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