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Gweru Sports Club in major facelift

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GWERU Sports Club has been involved in a major facelift project that started before the subsequent lockdown and finally took shape within the lockdown period, CommuTalk News can reveal.

The Club has been a major sporting hub since 1918 until the break of the millennium when the facility faced a near collapse.

Major improvements made so far include sprucing of the squash courts that had been turned into residency, football and rugby fields with work still under way to revive the dilapidated tennis courts and volleyball grounds. Bowling grounds had been functional but are undergoing further maintenance.

Speaking to CommuTalk, Gweru sports club chairperson John Makuwalo said their vision is to be a model sports club by 2024.

“We are working on a project dubbed Project 2024 which will see the Gweru Sports Club as the model sports club in the country. We want the club to be able to host some of the national team matches starting from junior teams for cricket, squash and rugby,” Makuwalo said.

“We want wish the sports club to be the hub of sports in the province and also to stand as a case study to our City Fathers that sports is an industry with infinite resources,” he added.

Noting salary and service provider arrears as pending backlogs, Makuwalo also further said the developments witnessed so far have been facilitated for by partnerships with the cooperate world.

“The Gweru Sports Club is saddled with debts that it is battling to clear including money owed to the City of Gweru, service providers such as TelOne and salary arrears owed to workers.

“To alleviate the water problems, Pote Borehole Drilling Company drilled a borehole for us and this goes to the squash that were renovated courtesy to Two Keys. Volleyball courts, tennis courts and cricket fields are being worked on while at the same time discussions are underway with a potential sponsor to lay tracks on the athletics fields,” Makuwalo further said.

Big big sporting names like Anthony Ireland, David Peacock, Micheal Muzenda, Bearn Mavhiya and Gilbert Nyamutsamba passed through the Gweru Sports Club exposure during its glory days.

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