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Gweru residents take the #HowFar campaign to another level

by commuadmin

Evidence Chipadza
GWERU: Residents have escalated the #HowFar campaign as they continue to demand answers and accountability from local duty bearers.
#HowFar campaign was recently launched by Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) to track progress on the government’s promises.
Gweru citizens have now localized the campaign mainly targeting the local authorities.
In an interview, Joyce Togarepi asked #HowFar with safe boreholes f because there are potholes scattered over the polyclinic.
“#HowFar urban planning to increase access to services by people with disabilities? Mkoba poly is not friendly at all, the roads must be fixed,” added Togarepi.
Young people in Gweru have also joined the cause and continue to demand accountability especially on recreational facilities, some of which have been turned into residential stands.
“Drug abuse has increased in areas like Mambo, Mkoba, and Mtapa due to the absence of recreational facilities so that young people can desist from drugs,” said Takudzwa Samhembere.
Vendors at Mtapa Market continue to ask for the market stalls and ablution facilities they were long promised.
Despite a 2-week ultimatum that was issued by the Minister of Housing and Social Amenities, Andrew Garwe, nothing has been done at Mtapa Market.
Vendors are now fearing for their goods as rains have started.
Angeline Zivanai, Chairperson for Midlands Vendors Association laid the blame on the local authorities for incompetence.
“We have been failed by this Council. To my surprise, they recently came to collect USD 15 for tax when they have not fixed anything. It is just empty promises. #HowFar with the sanity of Mtapa vendors?” said Zivanai.


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