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Gweru filling station goes up in flames

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GWERU: Some Gweru business people have been left counting losses after an inferno broke out at a service station destroying vehicles worth thousands of dollars in the city’s Clemont suburb this Friday afternoon.

Preliminary investigations have since indicated that no one was injured when the fire broke out.

Gweru firefighting division confirmed the incident and said they are still trying to find answers to the origins of the fire.

“We got a message of the fire around 1300 hours. It took us approximately 17 minutes to arrive at the scene and start to douse the fires. What we can confirm for sure is that understand that three Lorries including a fuel tanker and a kombi have been destroyed in this fire.

“We are still trying to understand what caused this fire since the guys here are saying there was no electricity. However, we were told that some people working at this station were cooking and might have left the fire they were using still lit,” SAID City of Gweru Chief Fire Ofiicer, Felix Muguti.

When the CommuTalk News arrived at the scene, the fire was still raging on amid indications that the firefighting truck had gone back to the CBD to look for water after it had run out of the precious liquid.

Hordes of people were also watching proceedings from a distance for fear of the explosion of a fuel tanker and some gas tanks that were at the fuel service station during the incident.

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