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Gweru born model shines on continental stage

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Elias Maginya

GWERU born Davison Luzane breaks Zimbabwe’s record as he landed third runner-up position for the Mister Africa International on Thursday last week in Adjiban, the capital of Cote d’Ivoire.

Mister Africa International is a modelling contest that sees men from across the continent take part annually.

Previously the boy-child has been lamenting for such platforms. Most organizations in the industry focused and gave preference to their female counterparts.

Luzane is also the reigning Mister Zimbabwe 2020 was born and bred in Gweru.

Speaking from Cote d’Ivoire, Zane, as he is affectionately known back home, says the contest taught him a lot. He applauded fellow Zimbabweans as well as his sponsors for making it possible.


“Preparations to the journey were a bit hectic, but I had a lot of support from sponsors, my director Tapiwa Rubaya and Zimbabwe at large.”

Luzane also mentioned how the contest gave him some life lessons.

“The experience was pretty good, Africa has diversities, but I learnt that we can only prosper if we work as one since we share the same life, both in success and hardships.”

There were 13 other countries which included the host nation Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, DRC, Rwanda, Cameroon, Sierra Leon, Togo and Nigeria. Angola’s Eryvaldo Reis was crowned King of Africa, with Moctar Drame from Ivory Coast and Victor Onie from Siera Leon becoming the first and second runner-up respectively.

Luzane who will be turning 25 next month, got the sole ticket to represent Zimbabwe after winning the Mister Zimbabwe Africa International which is a product of Mister Africa International.

The Director of Mister Africa International, Tapiwanashe Rubaya congratulated Zane and urged him to live up to the organisation’s vision.

“We say congratulations to Luzane, for raising the country’s flag high. Now continue to make the communities better by fulfilling our vision as an organization.”

Through Mister Zimbabwe Africa International, Luzane has been doing some charity works in Gweru and other cities. He visited and handed over some goods to two old people’s homes in Bulawayo and Harare. Lately, he joined hands with some non-governmental organizations in campaigning against child marriages.

Tapiwa also urged the government to actively support the industry as it represents the country’s exploits on the international stage.

“Finance is the most challenging part that one experiences when preparing for international events. We knocked on doors both in private organizations and public. Well-wishers came through and assisted.”

“On other incidents, Davison had to use his own money.  I appeal to the government to assist representatives in the arts sector, for they will be representing not only themselves but the nation on such international platforms,” he said.

Luzane is expected in the country by the end of this week.

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