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Ex-Big Brother star in company ownership battle

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HARERE: Ex-Big Brother star, Munyarardzi Chidzonga has sued the directors of Ivory Mediacal for removing him as a director in an unprocedural manner.

The company applied for a cannabis farming license from the government in 2019 with Chidzonga listed as one of the directors among three others; Elizabeth Sekai Bakasa, Nathan Kalumbu, Gilbert Chahwanda, and Graeme Loxton.

Chidzonga and Bakasa upon the realisation that they have been removed as directors without their concern are suing for fraud.

Other respondents in the matter are; the registerer of companies, the Minister of Health and Child Care, the Secretary of Health and Child Care, and the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ).

Chidzonga and Bakasa through their lawyer Admire Rubaya said they never resigned from the company meaning the documents used to obtain an amended license were fraudulent hence the license should be declared null and void.

“The 1st and 2nd Respondents (Kalumbu and Chahwanda) in connivance with each other uttered the fraudulent CR14 dated the 20th of May 2020 to the 5th, 6th, and 7th Respondent (health minister, secretary for health, and the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe) resulting in the issuance of an amended license dated the 21st of April 2020 which unlawfully removed the 2nd Applicant as the authorised person and me as the responsible person,” he said.

“Whatever cultivation and production of cannabis being conducted at Kamando Farm in Headlands is illegal in that it is based on an amended license obtained through fraudulent means by the 1st and 2nd respondent.

“The process of seeking an amendment of the 3rd respondent’s (Ivory Medical) licence was never a lawful process because it was on the basis of a fraudulent CR14 (now CR6) which deceived the Registrar of Companies that the 2nd applicant and I had resigned from our positions within the 3rd Respondent,” he added.

They both want the amended license revoked.

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