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Accident claims four at Kaguvi

by commuadmin

CommuTalk Reporter

GWERU – A horrific accident involving a Toyota Corolla and haulage truck  which happened today around midnight at Kaguvi training center just outside Gweru has claimed four lives.

According to an eye witness, the Toyota Corolla driver tried to overtake in front of an oncoming vehicle leading to a head on collision.

Four people who were travelling in the Toyota Corolla died on the spot while the haulage truck driver sustained slight injuries and was taken to Gweru Provincial Hospital.

Midlands Police Provincial spokesperson Joel Goko confirmed the incident and advised drivers to take caution on the road.

“Drivers should shun high speeds and also exercise caution on the road especially when driving at night,” Goko said.

People residing around Kaguvi area also highlighted that the area has  been experiencing horrific accidents for the last decade.

“Churches have at instances held prayers around this place after realising the high number of accidents that happen around the place per year. It’s a hot spot that should have warning signs inscribed for drivers to take caution,” a local said.


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